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Anne-Marie the Hair Painter

Anne-Marie the Hair painter  is new to Northampton and highly experienced with creating fresh, wild, hairstyles. This could be anything from lived in blondes, creative vivid colours, new cuts or texture undone updo’s.


I recently had my hair coloured by Anne-Marie and I love the final result. Here is a step-by-step tutorial about how my look was achieved:

  • My hair was sectioned into a triangular pattern using hair clips.
  • Each triangle was symmetrical and a pastel colour was planned for each section.
  • Everygreen Lunar Shades were applied to my hair for the pastel look.
  • Lavender was used as a face frame, peach as the back drop and then I had icy veil, champagne and pink through the back of my hair.


Anne-Marie has told us a bit about herself and her hairdressing experience.
“Hairdressing to me is to enhance your natural locks by painting beautiful decorative highs and lows and face-frames, cutting texture, fringes or shape for non surgical face lifts by feathering a perfect contour, finished with waves for days that give you texture and that new hair glow.”
“After an in depth consultation where we will use inspiration images, talk about face shape and natural hair texture, plus the very important homecare and long term maintenance of the style chosen, we will book you in for an inspired technique which will take around 4/5 hours where you will feel like you’ve had a transformation after a relaxing experience, rather than just a transaction. I carefully plan the most low maintenance results where you do not need to plan another appointment, but simply book back in when you feel like another treat.”


Education & Experience

  • Inspired cutting and styling at David Thomas in Preston and Peter Marcus in Manchester
  • GHD perfect styling
  • Balayage and bleach specialist at Not another salon
  • Braid Styling with Sabrina Dijkman
  • Blonde specialist with Becky Bevin (who shadowed Tracy Cunningham in LA (stylist to the stars) to then bring back what she had learned to the North of the UK)
  • Precision cutting with Ben Brown



It’s such a well known idea that a good hairdresser never stops learning! I would add on to that, that a great one forever evolves and in my experience, working closely with apprentices is such great food for the soul. With all my experience and training knowledge, it would be so easy for me to rest on the “I already know everything” attitude, but, if you pay attention to the new blood on the shop floor, you really don’t! Hairdressing is total fashion and goes out of style as fast as you snap it off with your tired old straighteners! I like to pay attention and pull inspiration from youth.



  • Balayage free hand – Enhancing the clients natural hair with ribbons of lived in blonde. I can create anything from full blonde looks, subtle dimension and face frames with this technique.
  • Bespoke babylights – I like to design dimensional blondes that enhance the clients features. I can create lived in looks or full blonde looks. All will have a soft grow out effect so the client only has to have their hair done when they want to. Not because they have to.
  • Colour melting – Huge huge fan of drizzling fun, semi permanent colour over any of my blondes so they can have fun when they’re bored of blonde and then get the blonde redone when they’re bored of the eventually faded colour. As well as creating dimensional chocolate, ginger, caramel, honey, creamy buttery bronde ombres.
  • Styling – I can manage any style at all really but my favourites are textured, undone looks. This part of hair dressing is always my happy place so then I can create cracking end images.


What’s important to me

I’m here to help you wear your best hair. If I am not 100% confident that we understand each other, then I cant carry out any service until we do. I will endeavour to find a form of communication that will assist with our mutual understanding and decision making to ensure I deliver the perfect results for you. Your hair condition is everything to me and so if I feel I need to offer alternative ideas which will be of benefit then I will.


Client History

Over the years I have gained and kept a lot of creative colour clients which I believe is because I am very open and honest with how to get your moneys worth from your hair style. I will insist on certain products and home care and actually a lot of my blondes will go 20 weeks before rebooking. I’m here to enhance your natural so that you love your hair whilst its growing and evolving, not having to book an appointment every 6-8 weeks because you have to. (unless you love doing that, then I’ll embrace you too). I guess that is why I do a lot of free hand, they truly do get better with age. Some of those clients only come once or twice a year. That would frighten some stylists financially but I’ve never been quiet and I love the constant year round variety.
You can follow Anne-Marie the Hair Painter on Facebook





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