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5 sun creams for kids

sun creams kids

We all know how important it is to protect our skin from the sun, with the current heat wave sweeping across the UK this week – we have been testing out some different kid’s sun creams. See what Minime and Mama thought:

Kids Sun Protect by Sainsburys, SPF 50 UVA 5 stars, 80 minute water play. Very water resistant. Easily absorbed. Non-greasy. Dermatologically tested. £5.00.

Minime says: “I can’t really see the colour, but I like the spray and it doesn’t sting my eyes.”

Mama says: “I really like the trigger spray, the cream is easily absorbed and didn’t irritate Minime’s sensitive skin.”

Protect Kids by Asda. SPF 50. UVA 5 stars.  Colour & fragrance free. Extra water resistant. Dermatologically tested. £2.39.

Minime says: “This was too hard to rub in and I looked like a ghost.”

Mama says: “ Very competitive price however, this cream didn’t sink into the skin and took a long time to rub in. I did like the fact it was fragrance free.”

Soltan Kids Once by Boots SPF 50 UVA 5 stars. 3hr Protect & Swim. Gives upto 8 hours sun protection. Hypoallergenic. Water resistant for upto 3 hours. Dermatologically tested £10.00.

Minime says: “I wore this to the waterpark and like the spray bottle.”

Mama says “I really like this spray, super easy to apply and didn’t dry out Minime’s skin.”

Soltan Kids by Boots SPF 50. UVA 5 stars. Rubs in easily. Hypoallergenic. Extra water resistant. £7.50.

Minime says: “I like this cream and it isn’t itchy.”

Mama says: “This cream absorbed really well and left Minime’s delicate skin in great condition.”

Advanced Protection Kids by Banana Boat SPF 50. UVA 3 stars. Clear spray. Relieves dryness. Sand easily brushes off. £12.99.

Minime says: “I love this spray but my skins feels sticky.”

Mama says: “Really easy to apply, however I was shocked that it only has a 3 star UVA rating.”

Do any of you have a favourite go to sun cream?

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Posted by: Sarah Dixon | Posted on: July 26, 2019 | Posted in: MINI ME, TRAVEL

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