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5 destinations to treat your kids to

Looking for summer holiday inspiration for you and your family? It can seem like you’re bombarded with choices and offers. Everywhere claims to be the best place to take your kids this year. But what will they really enjoy?

We’ve picked out five of our favourites which’ll keep kids busy all holiday – after all, they’re not looking to relax by the poolside. They want stuff to do and that’s exactly what this list offers, so you can take a break yourself.

Check them out:

Disneyland Paris, France

With over 320 million visitors and counting, Disneyland Paris is one of the most popular tourist spots ever. It’s on almost every kid’s must-see list. Seeing all their favourite characters and spending all day on the rides is a real treat. Plus, you can be sure they’ll sleep through the night after all the excitement.

Picture from Pixabay.

Sikkim, India

A heavily forested stunning city with alpine views and wildflowers is the perfect getaway for any outdoorsy family. Spots like Tsomgo lake and Yumthang valley can provide awe-inspiring picture postcards to take home as memories.

So what are you waiting for? Book a lovely Sikkim tour package to enjoy with your kids this summer.

Topnotch Resort and Spa, USA

It’s a recommended destination for pregnant women as it’s got the perfect blend of family activities and that much-needed luxury relaxation for tired parents. It’s the perfect place if you want an easy holiday without worries as everything you need on is on your doorstep. Tennis, horse-riding, biking – you name it, Topnotch has it.  

Crete, Greece

Offering all the essential elements of a summer holiday, Crete has enough to please all the family – breath-taking views and delicious food for you, and water sports, amusement parks and caves for the kids.

You could also spend some time in mainland Greece – head to Athens for the best history lesson they’ve ever had. Seeing the ancient ruins of the Acropolis is something they’ll still be talking about when they return to school in September.

Picture from Pixabay

Cornwall, UK

Don’t dismiss the UK too easily. It’s full of attractions you should take your kids to at some point. This includes the Eden Project in Cornwall. We spend too long looking at screens and sat indoors – use your holiday to get out in the fresh air and enjoy he sights, smells and sounds of different environments, including a rainforest. There’s also a zip wire which soars over the biomes.

Picture source.

Ghent, Belgium

Ghent is the largest car-free city centre in Belgium, so it’s ideal for families wanting to explore on foot – although this article warns the Gravensteen Castle is not stroller-friendly. It’s still worth taking the kids though, especially to see their faces as they sit on a king’s throne. After all the walking, you can give your feet a rest and float along the canal in a boat.

Where do you take your kids on holiday? Share your recommendations with us.

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Posted by: Sarah Dixon | Posted on: June 20, 2018 | Posted in: TRAVEL

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