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10 Top Tips for Disney Land Paris

1. Book your restaurants in advance, getting a table without a reservation is a nightmare and a hungry child is worse than the Monsters Inc Scream Challenge

2. If you are staying at a Disney Hotel use your magic hours (8am-10am) this will reduce the queue to get autographs and go on favourite rides, this is exclusive 2 hours before the park opens to the general public.

3. Consider hiring a Disney buggy (no way I hear you say, they haven’t been in a buggy for years) every day we covered 15000 steps with our 3 year old who resorted to daddy rides at the end of the day

4. Use the Baby Switch service (where available) which allows guests travelling together with young children/babies to ride an attraction in turns. Whilst one of the parents/carers rides the attraction, the other looks after your child; you can then switch places without having to queue again

5. See the shows, our 3 year old loved the Stunt car and cinematic at The Studios (also a good excuse for a sit down)

6. If you are staying at Disney Hotel make sure you use your Fast Passes! This allows you to pre-book your ride time within a 20 minute window and walk on avoiding the queues- to do this go to the attraction and you will see the fast pass machines (these are not available at every ride) and you can only do one at a time.

7. RESEARCH before you go, we almost missed certain things as we didn’t know it was there.

8. Be prepared, pack a bag that has everything in it as you do not want to be walking back to your accommodation or car for spare clothes, favourite snack/water bottle or camera. I have just spotted this Kath Kidson Mickey in London Rucksack and I am in love.

9. Watch the parade, we thought that our 3 year old son would not be that interested but he sat like memorised for almost an hour. GO EARLY and get your spot as people queue up to an hour beforehand to get a good view. There are lots of coffee shops on Main Street, so you can stock up on hot chocolate.

10. Our personal favourite: Book a Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner with the Disney Characters, it is a great time to get autographs and lots of photographs without queuing in the park. We got more character interaction in the breakfast than the whole of the four days

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